6 km south-west is the village Reselets. About 1 km around it is the unique natural phenomenon Propadaloto. Represents an area with a length of approximately 250 meters and width of 30-40 m, which fell by about 30 meters surround all sides by cliffs and descent it becomes more romantic path between them. This is one of the few places in Bulgaria, where you can meet a scorpion.

Very popular is the tectonic ridge “Kaleto” in the village of Reselets – this is a unique canyon with an approx. length of 750 m and height of 30-40 m. The whole area is surrounded by upright cliffs with different geometric shapes. Down the hill among the cliffs is the popular for tourists Eco path.

Other popular sightseeing are Skoka waterfall on the lands of Reselets; Haydoushka cave near Deventsi.

Iskar River also offers great opportunities for water tourism, fishing, beaches, diverse recreation in nature.