Bulgaria is an ancient and very beautiful country. One of its popular places is named Cherven bryag (Population: 12,309 people (31.12.2013), Postal Code: 5980, Phone Code: 0659. It is approximately 125 km  north-east of the capital Sofia, 55 km south-west of city of Pleven, 56 km east of Vratsa, and 55 km south of Oryahovo.)

Cherven bryag is a municipality within Pleven Region and is the second largest in the area. The town of Cherven bryag is the administrative center of the municipality with a territory of 485 sq km. There are 14 settlements (2 towns and 12 villages). The municipality is situated on the border between Pre Balkan and Danubian hilly plain at the inflow of the river Zlatna Panega in river Iskar. It has borders with Lukovit, Roman,Dolni DabnikIskarKnezha and Byala Slatina municipalities. The Sofia –Rousse motorway and Sofia-Varna railroad pass through the municipality.