Populated 7000 years ago, the region of Cherven bryag has been a busy center of life and commerce. Through those years, this area has been the home of ancient Thracians, Romans, Greeks and Bulgarians. The Neolithic settlements of Telish, the Thracians settlements in Chomakovtsi and Pipra, Zentokurtu, the Roman cities near Reselets and Chomakovtsi (all these are current names of villages in the municipality), the bridges, the Byzantine fortresses – ancient past that imparts the unique spirit and culture of the region.

Cherven bryag as a medieval settlement is mentioned in 1431 in the Ottoman registers as Dobrolak. Under its present name Cherven bryag (meaning  “Red Beach”  and referring to the reddish clay in the vicinity of the river,) was first recorded in the 16th century as part of the Ottoman region of Nikopol.

On 26 June 1929, Prime Minister Andrey Lyapchev proclaimed the former village and station a town.

On the territory of the Municipality there are many categorized historical sightseeing – cultural monuments with local value such as:

Memorials – 98

Archaeological sites – 131

Sculptural objects – 35.