Projects supported by the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020:

In progress as follow:

Project “Activation and provision of employment for inactive young people in Cherven  bryag Municipality – to acquire active behavior on the labor market and to expand job opportunities, BG05M9OP001-1.002-0034-C01, Duration is 12 months, Budget: 363 720.00 lv.

1.2. Project “Dignified and independent life in the municipality” – № BG05M9P001-2.002-0066-C001, Duration:22 months, Budget – 499.774.73

1.3. Project “Accept me 2015”- BG03-ПС01-21/11.12.2015”, Beneficiary: Agency for social assistance, Partner: 83 municilaities, Duration: till 31.12.2018

  1. Projects supported by the Food and/or Basic Material Assistance Operational Programme 2014-2020


2.1 Project “Supplying warm lunch to people and families from the Municipality”, №    BG05FMOP001-3.002-0058-C01, Beneficiaty: Cherven bryag Municipality, Duration: 30.09.2016, Budget: 62 339.20 lv.

Other projects in progress:

  1. Projects supported by the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

Under measures 19.1 “Help for preparatory activities”, on measure 19 “ Led by the communities for local development”

3.1. Project:” MIG Karlukovski karst – Cherven bryag”, Beneficiary: Municipality Cherven bryag, Budget: 48 895.75 lv.

  1. Projects supported by the Operational programme “ Regions in growth” 2014-2020


4.1. “Reconstruction, modernization and implementing measures for energy efficiency in the local building for Fire Safety and Civil Protection. Contract № BG16RFOP001-2.001-0021-C01, № РД-02-37-73/14.09.2016;

Beneficiary: Municipality of Cherven bryag, Duration: 30 months, Budget: 291 770.98 lv, co-funds: 8 064.00 lv.,

4.2. “Reconstruction, modernization and implementing measures for energy efficiency in multifamily block of flats in town of Cherven bryag”, Beneficiary: Cherven bryag Municipality, Duration: 30 minths, Budget: 1 764 491.23 lv